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Veterans Benefits

We are honored to offer the services of some of the best Veterans Benefit Claims persons available, absolutely free. The benefits representatives who will process claims are veterans themselves who have proven that they are some of the very best at getting veterans the benefits that they deserve.

A few years ago veteran Dan Hellmuth waited three years to get his veteran benefits case adjudicated only to discover that his claim had been denied. He joined a group of other veterans whose cases had been denied as well. These veterans decided to learn how to process claims themselves. This veteran learned enough to get a 100% disability claim. Since then he has become responsible for veterans receiving nearly 3 million dollars in claims a year. The group of individuals that he learned from now number about 260 veterans and they offer their services to other veterans at absolutely no charge. We are proud to offer their services to America’s veterans here on the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel.

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For Appeals: After submitting your form, you must also fax the first 3-4 pages of your last claim, AND your DD214 to us at 330-230-6163.

Thank you for allowing the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel prepare your VA claim. If you have any questions, please call 513-320-5369. If you go into voice mail, we’re on the other lines helping other veterans; just leave your name and phone number and we WILL call you back.