About the VSPC


The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPC) was founded to try to save veteran’s lives by broadcasting healing shows to our nation’s veterans who are presently committing suicide at the rate of 23 veterans a day.


To work towards saving and improving the lives of America’s veterans, their family members and supporters by creating a national broadcast channel that will air healing, educational, entertaining and resource information shows intended to benefit America’s veterans nationwide in order to prevent suicides and promote mental, emotional and physical healing.


To create and schedule shows for broadcast on our online national channel that will launch in January 2015 that will benefit our veterans and their family members in need of our broadcast services.


Awards & Endorsements:

The VSPC has been awarded the “Innovative Veterans Company of the Year Award 2015” by the Military Alliance of Veterans Organizations. Read more here.

VSPC has received endorsements from the following organizations:


What is the service offered by the channel?

The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel will become a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week national broadcast channel designed by veterans and psychiatric professionals specifically for veterans, their  family members and supporters. The channel is designed to stop the alarming suicide rate of America’s veterans and to promote well-being amongst veterans and their family members.

The channel will offer shows created to inform, heal, refer and entertain.

How to get it started?

  • Raise money through crowd-funding effort.
  • Organize an “Action Committee” that will create a non-profit corporation for the “Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel” and impanel a Board of Directors from representatives of selected Veterans Service Organizations throughout America, if possible.
  • Raise funds to acquire a broadcast site from which all content for the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel can be produced, scheduled and broadcasted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Decide on the first shows to be produced and launched and start producing them for airing on the channel.

How can you help?

A commitment from organizations and individuals such as yourself in the form of a letter of support is a great start. Spread the word concerning the formation of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel to friends, family, businesses and associates.

Organizations without ability of funding can support our crowd-funding efforts  when we launch them in March or April of 2015.  The best way your organization can help with the crowd-funding activity is for each organization, corporation and/or individual to inform your current  members, employees, acquaintances and friends of the campaign to fund the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel by endorsing our efforts to raise funds and asking them to give towards our development.

It is also useful to have your cards and letters sent to other Veterans Resource Organizations to let them know that you and your organization support the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel and that you are urging them to also support our efforts.

Once our channel is completely established, we will begin to seek sponsors for the channel and its shows in the form of advertisers. In the beginning, we plan to have advertiser dollars become a principal source of revenue that can and will keep the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel up and running. The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel will also accept  donations from individuals, corporations and or organizations interested in assisting in the implementation of the goals and activities of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel. We will endeavor to  search for other alternative means of revenue to support our ongoing channel of shows as an attempt to save veteran’s lives.


How do we plan to positively impact the world of veterans?

  • We want this channel to become a benefit to America’s veterans in several ways.
  • Provide a 24-hour channel that addresses veteran’s concerns, problems and their needs.
  • Provide healing shows for veterans that offer insights into medical conditions, the latest approved and alternative treatments for myriad conditions that our nation’s veterans struggle with every day.
  • Provide revenue for national, regional and local Veterans Service Organizations.
  • Provide jobs for veterans, both in front of and behind the cameras, as well as training in the television and motion picture industries.
  • Provide “how to” resources and information as to the many things available to veterans and their family members and the best way to understand and navigate through the Department of Veterans Affairs system to receive them.
  • Provide uplifting and veteran friendly entertainment for veterans, their family members and supporters in the form of healing shows, informative shows, resource shows, sitcoms, television dramas and reality television shows.