Board of Directors

Glenn Towery
Chairman & Founder

A decorated Vietnam combat veteran, and founder of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel. Glenn served in the Vietnam war as a Quartermaster aboard the USS Rupertus, Destroyer DD851 from 1971 to 1972. Glenn had a long career as a stage actor after leaving the NAVY. Acting was one of the few things that his PTSD would allow him to do although it would be years before he understood that he suffered with that condition.

In 1993, Glenn enrolled in film school to earn a Bachelors of Art degree in cinema because of his desire to continue a career in the arts. He wanted to become a film and television director/producer. He was accepted to attend at the prestigious Los Angeles Film School, Columbia College Hollywood where he majored in cinema and minored in television production. In 1997, Glenn graduated as the valedictorian of his class at Columbia College Hollywood.

Currently a resident of Round Rock Texas, Glenn has created and founded the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel), America’s first national broadcast channel for veterans and their family members.

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D. Randall Jones
Vice Chairman

Army/Marine Corps Veteran

During a career spanning over 44 years, D. Randall gained the principles, standards and values that empowered him to make contributions to the US Government, Private Industry and to Higher Education. Randall’s service began as a US Marine, schooled in logistics, infantry and survival skills.

First assigned to Regimental Landing Team (RLT) 26 in Okinawa, Randall provided logistics support for Marine ground and air units around the Khe Sanh area of Viet Nam. An assignment to the Marine Aviation Detachment in Pensacola, Florida, provided Randall with the skills of coaching Marines and Marine families. He also learned communicating and negotiating with small businesses. Randall’s further assignment as a Casualty Assistance Non- Commissioned Officer (NCO); working with families of wounded and killed Viet Nam combat casualties. Randall credits much of his ability to empathize and relate to people one-to-one in difficult situations, to the time he spent in this position. He learned the role families’ can and should play in the development of one’s life and character, and the support that is critical for families to succeed. After the Marine Corps, Randall served 8 years, 9 months in the US Army. There he had the opportunity to further hone his negotiation, logistics, and recruiting skills. He continued to have ample opportunities to relate with people both one-on-one and in groups.

Leaving active duty, Randall continued in the US Army Reserve and began work as a US DOD Civilian. Randall continued to serve with the US Forces in both the United States and Europe. He was selected for appointment as a contracting officer assigned first to Lakenheath, England, then to Stuttgart, Germany, and finally as Director of Contracting and Chief, Regional Contracting Office, Berlin, Germany. These assignments allowed Randall to continue to use his negotiation and people skills, as well as hone and enhance his leadership skills.

Randall was involved in negotiations of contracts as well as international agreements, including involvement in the Berlin Stationing Agreement and the Agreement on Settlement of Issues regarding Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

During his US Government career, Randall held many interesting positions achieving the level of Sergeant Major in the US Army, Contracting Officer and Director of Contracting in the US Civil Service. Having retired from US Civil service as a GM 14 and Military service as a Sergeant Major in 1994, Randall took his skills to Defense Contractors, and a western US University as Vice president for Business Affairs. Randall now resides in Georgetown, Texas, is a Professional Life and Spirituality Coach with a passion for helping people, especially Veterans, Wounded Warriors and first responders.

Randall is a graduate of Columbia College, Columbia, MO with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Troy State University, Troy, AL with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.



Juanita Cole Towery
Board Member & Secretary

Juanita Cole Towery is the wife of Glenn Towery, founder and chairman of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel) and serves as a board member and secretary of the organization. Juanita brings a wealth of experience and talent to the organization. She is a successful published artist since 1992, whose works have been exhibited in galleries in Houston, Clear Lake, Austin and Round Rock, TX, and Los Angeles, CA. In 1995, Juanita served as the only non-educator/artist member of a team of teachers and administrators in selecting the art curriculum for kindergarten and grades 1 -5 for the Clear Creek Independent School District in League City, TX.

In addition to her artist career, Juanita holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Texas Southern University and has worked in admirable and satisfying professions over the years. She worked as a Public Information Officer for the City of Houston for 7 years. In 1989, Juanita was hired by NASA subcontractors, Omniplan and Hernandez Engineering, as a senior editor for the Space Shuttle Program until 2001. In this position, she edited contracts between NASA and whatever company or university that was putting a payload/experiment on the space shuttle each mission.

Juanita’s editing skills have proven quite useful in serving as secretary for the VSPChannel in that her duties entail taking, editing and compiling minutes from VSPChannel board meetings and disseminating to members. Her duties also include organization bookkeeping that include annual reports. Juanita is also responsible for editing all VSPChannel written correspondence developed and sent out to the public

Her community service includes having been a volunteer Art Instructor with the Mental Health and Mental Retardation Agency in Houston, Texas and the Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation Group Home in Los Angeles, CA.

In 2013, Juanita moved back to her native Texas with Glenn to retire. However, Glenn’s idea of retiring was to create a nonprofit, the VSPChannel. Juanita is proud of the work her husband is doing with the VSPChannel to help save veteran lives and is honored to be a member of its board.

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Gary Ray

Gary Bugnacki
Board Member

Gary Ray is President & CEO for the American Heroes Network

Gary Ray is committed to developing one of the most powerful Radio Networks in the Country. A Combat Veteran who proudly served in the US Army 67-69. His background includes more than 19 years in the Insurance industry along with successful management of two of the largest Insurance Companies in Florida. He was the Co-founder/Co-developer of the Worldwide Racing Network. Gary worked with NASCAR and The Turner Sports Interactive NASCAR Touring series. He also hosted radio talk shows for NASCAR Touring drivers and teams. In 2008 he joined a Military-focused Network as Public Relations Director providing radio interviews and web content while participating in many community events. In February 2011 he was promoted to President. In 2012 he left the organization to pursue his passion with helping our Veterans and military Families rebuild their lives.

The American Heroes Network is Veteran owned and operated “Serving the Brave Men and Women Who Have Sacrificed to Ensure Our Freedom.”

By providing a unique blend of information and advocacy he has created a Veteran’s Resource that is truly making a difference through their weekly “Live Shows.”

Gary Ray also serves on the Board Of Directors / Associate Producer at the “Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel”


Charles Eggleston
Board Member

Charles Eggleston is known as national hero and a wounded soldiers advocate who completely knows what our disabled veterans have gone through. He was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center during the Medical Scandal that forced changes to the way our wounded veterans are now being treated in both the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Systems. Charles has had numerous surgeries and medical treatments for the last 11 years due to an IED blast that happened in Mosul, Iraq in 2005. He is a Purple Hearts recipient and is excited to be working with Vets and their families to help to make a better life for the veterans. He is currently a dedicated advocate for his fellow soldiers, utilizing his time, listening to the call of his heart, and fostering his strong desire to help his wounded comrades in any way possible with implementation of new policies and regulations for the disabled or wounded serviceman at the national level.

MEMBERSHIPS: Veterans of Foreign Wars, where he serves in the capacity of Chairman for the WRAMC Chapter. National Suicide Prevention Awareness Officer for the Military Order of the Purple heart. and also Past State Commander for Maryland MOPH , Disabled American Veterans. American Legion. Professional Golf Association. Paralyzed Veterans of America and an af?liation with the U.S. Paralympics Organization.


Wilbert Forbes
Board Member

The appointment of Deputy Secretary Forbes to the Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs (MDVA) was announced May 7, 2007.

Prior to his appointment, he was a Contract/Consultant Investigator conducting security background investigations for applicants seeking security clearnaces for positions of trust and responsibility in various agencies in the federal government.

Mr. Forbes is a Past Department Commander of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for the State of Maryland and served as the Sixth Disrict National Executive Committee Alternate, representing the DAV Departments of Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Since his tenure with the MDVA, Mr. Forbes continues to be a dedicated advocate for veterans and their families. His involvement with the homeless veterans on the state’s Eastern Shore has resulted in the establishment of a veterans’ service center which bears his name Forbes Hall Veterans Education and Training Center, Salisbury, Maryland.

Mr. Forbes served as a Public Member on several of the US Department of State Promotion Boards where he reviewed personnel files of Foreign Service employees and made recommendations for advancement and promotion.

Mr. Forbes is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc (ICISF). He serves as an advisor with respoect to stress management, post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury as it relates to military veterans. He is also a memberof the Board of Directors for the American Heroes Network (AHN) internet radio broadcast powered by the Voice of America. Mr. Forbes co-host on the weekly broadcast addressing issues in the veteran’s community.

Most recenty, he was honored by the African American Patiots Consortium, Inc., and was awarded the Paul L. Thomposon Humanitarian Medal for his unyielding commitment to veterans.

Mr. Forbes is an ROTC graduate of Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland and a member of the ROTC Alumni Chapter. As a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel with combat service in Vietnam, he received numerous awards during his military service including the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Mr. Forbes retired from the US Department of Labor where he managed a national investigative program.

Mr. Forbes cofounded The Veterans’ Advocacy Group, a service disabled veteran owned company which serves in a consulting role to agencies and organizations providing outreach and advocacy services in the veteran community.


Calvin Turner
M.Ed., CRC
Board Member

President, C J Turner, Inc., dba: Capitol City Rehabilitation Group (CCRG) 1996-Current. M.Ed., The University of Texas at Austin 1995 (4.00/4.00) Austin Texas
Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. B.S. Prairie View A & M University 1979 (3.00/4.00) Prairie View Texas Recreation and Parks.

Defense Contractor and Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant providing professional vocational rehabilitation counseling (Chapter 31 and Chapter 36), employment services, career/transition/reintegration consulting, and vocational assessments to service members and their families. Recently completed a National Veterans Affairs IDIQ; Veteran Rehabilitation and Employment consulting contract in July 2009, providing the above services in NM, AZ, TX, MS, AL, and GA. Currently contracting with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office, in Waco and Houston Texas TX, Atlanta GA, and Montgomery, AL.

Currently the Prime contract for the VET SUCCESS program for the Department of Veteran Affairs, serving the Houston and Waco VA Regional Offices from 2011-2014. Serving with a Blanket Purchase Order since 1995, as a Vocational and Employment expert witness to the Social Security Administration (ODAR) in the State of Texas. Contracted with Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Muskogee Oklahoma, serving the entire state of Oklahoma including Wichita Falls, Texas, providing initial evaluation, testing, employment services, vocational and career/
transitional counseling to Chapter 31 and Chapter 36 Veterans. Also providing Vocational Career/transitional Counseling to veterans including employment services, return to work, home assessments, assisting in the selection of education and vocational objectives, developing a suitable program of education/training, selecting resources, resolve personal, rehabilitation, and employment problems which are likely to interfere with success, identify and remove reasons for academic, employment, and/or personal difficulties.

Provided Case Management Aides to BAMC in San Antonio, Texas, as well as Counselor Advocates supporting the Wounded Warriors in San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix AZ, under the Wounded Warrior Program (HRSolutions, Sub-contractor 2005-2009). Also, established and operated a Career Transition Center in Point Mugu, California, supporting NAVAIR and China Lake, CA, for the Brac Re-alignment Program 2007-2011. Provided Human Capital to the VA Medical Center, Temple Texas 2008-2011.


Dan Hellmuth
Board Member

Dan is a dedicated professional with 35 years of successful experience in face-to-face/telephone sales and customer service. He’s adept at selling products and services to customers ranging from small “Mom and Pop” establishments to major Fortune 100 corporations. At a major theme park near Cincinnati, Ohio, Dan managed the Customer Service/Telephone Sales department of 35 seasonal Customer Service Representatives while managing 28 data entry personnel. He has co-authored Telemarketing Sales Skills Training Manual (Prentice Hall, 0-13-902677-0).

In 2007, his PTSD as a result of his service in Vietnam, came crashing down. He had all the symptoms and filed a claim with the VA. He was immediately put into a weekly PTSD group meeting at the local CBOC and over the next three years, attended the group. He also went to weekly one-on-one meetings along with his wife, with the VA psychiatrist for those three years. His PTSD was very well documented with the VA and after three years, an intern at the Regional Office denied his claim, saying he was never in Vietnam (contrary to his DD214).

His neighbor, also a Vietnam veteran, talked him into going to a special group of five Vietnam veterans who’s sole purpose was writing VA claims. That was in 2011. He is now rated at 100% PTSD along with several minor disabilities. In 2012, he wrote his first claim for another veteran. Since then, in 2017, he has written over 300 claims for veterans and is responsible for more than $3,000,000.00 in annualized compensation. He has realized that supporting “his veterans” in their battles with the VA gives his life meaning. He has several VSOs giving him their most difficult claims which he eagerly accepts. There is no greater “thank you” than when a veteran finally receives the benefits he or she is entitled to receive. He never receives more than “thank you” for his work with veterans.