Women Veterans Healthcare


Our Commitment to Female Veterans

FEMALE VETERANS were cleared for combat in America’s military in 2013, but the truth is, female veterans have been killed during combat in every war that America has ever fought. This section of the Veteran Suicide Prevention Channel (VSPChannel) has been created to promote healing for our female veterans who are committing suicide at a higher rate, by percentage, than their male counterparts. The VSPChannel will strive to keep up with the latest in standard, innovative and alternative treatments. Resource and referral information is provided to allow female veterans to seek relief from symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression that may often lead to thoughts of suicide. The VSPChannel is dedicated to support the valiant women who have served willingly in the American armed forces throughout the nation.”


VSPChannel Female Veteran Care Committee:

Dr. Elicia-Baker Rogers, Retired Navy
Juanita Cole Towery, VSPChannel Secretary
Doris Williams, Retired Army
Elisabeth Joy, Retired Army
Glenn Towery, Chair, VSPChannel