Glenn Towery

The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel has been making progress towards achieving its goal to become a national broadcast channel for veterans, their family members and supporters. I am proud to report that our volunteers are working towards attainment of very realistic goals hat we have set for the organization.

The Veterans Suicide prevention Channel became an official non profit organization on January 16, 2015 and now has its own 501 c 3 which means that we can now accept tax deductible donations from organizations and individuals.

The companies Veterans Suicide Prevention Channels Board of Directors consist of Glenn Towery, Chairman & Founder, Juanita Cole Towery Founding Secretary, John Spahr founding Director, recently appointed as Directors are Michael White Marketing Director, and Chris Van Loan Sr. Director at Large. Other members that are making significant contributions are Jay Johnson marketing team and Ricardo Guerrerro, Matthew White who composes and places music for our shows as well as Chris Van Loan, Jr. who helped shoot 2 episodes of the “COOKING WITH CHEF DAD SHOW”.  Cara Harpole graced the “COOKING WITH CHEF DAD SHOW” by designing the opening titles for that show. They are really hot!

footerLogoJay Johnson should be commended for designing the new logo for the veterans suicide prevention channel which will replace all others. Thank you Jay good work. I also thank the Boorad of Directors and our volunteers for brainstorming and coming up with the idea fr the logo during a meeting a few weeks ago.

We are planning our first fundraisers. The date of May 5, 2015 has been penciled in to start our Crowdfunding activities which will be located on one of the popular Crowdfunding websites that can be found online. A decision will be made soon as to which Crowdfunding site that we will select to utilize for this purpose. I will be creating a song that will also be sold as a partial fundraiser on youtube. Half of the proceeds for the purchase of the song will go to the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel. The song is titled “I LOVE YOU MORE” and it is written by Glenn Towery. Its a good song but a great cause that these proceeds will go towards. The Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel needs a large influx of donations to try to acquire a brick & mortar studio, offices and equipment so that we may begin shooting our shows on a regular basis and employ essential staff needed to maintain and run our channel for veterans and their family members.

We recently had Andrew O’Brien attend a meeting with us and he stated the he is a supporter of the idea for the channel, when possible we plan to coordinate our activities with him in order to work towards eliminating veteran suicides in America completely.

Presently three pilots for our shows have completed principle photography and are awaiting post production editing. “COOKING WITH CHEF DAD”, has two pilot shows completed. “TAI CHI WITH SIFU DAVE PICKENS” has 2 pilot shows completed and the “LUSTER HAIR LOUNGE SHOW” is still awaiting post production editing. Our next show scheduled for production is “THE ART DOCTOR” which is presently in pre-production. These shows are Executive Produced by Glenn Towery and are awaiting sponsors.

Our Channel Player is located on our new website which was designed and built by entrepreneur and professional web-designer Pam Walker-Williams who volunteered to build the site at a critical time in our channels development. Our website now has a snazzy new shorter email address thanks to Michael White, Marketing Director.

That new address is

The veterans Suicide Prevention Channel’s WEBSITE CHANNEL PLAYER is also located on our website. Although the channel has not yet officially launched there are a few shows and several PSA’s for viewers located on our channel player.

We have new producers and a new production scheduled to come on board and set up shop at our channel soon. Stay posted for that news I will share it with you as soon as it happens.


We already have the support of the national and state VFW organization. AMVETS also signed on as a supporter of the veterans Suicide Prevention Channel. Two weeks ago we received a letter from national commander Ron Hope of the DAV commending our efforts to create the channel and letting us know that we have DAV’s support as well.


We now have a donate now Button on every page of our website. Groups, individuals and organizations can make tax deductible donations on our secure server online by simply clicking one f these DONATE NOW buttons. Your donations will be well used and will become a part of the legacy of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel.



Was held after weeks meeting on March 5, 2015. After that meeting we celebrated our official founding and the attainment of our 501 c 3 status with the IRS.  I leave you with a few pictures from that celebration.