Official Selection Cannes Screenplay Contest 2017



CANNES FRANCE April 3, 2017

Feature Motion Picture Script Wins Award
“Science Fiction Space Fantasy”

Glenn Towery, a Vietnam Combat Veteran and founder of the Veterans Suicide Prevention Channel, received notice that he has won selection for his first international screenplay contest sponsored by the Cannes Screenplay Contest Festival.

Towery is also a performer and artist who paints clocks in a very nontraditional way. The script that he won for is “Starfunk and the Astral Pioneers”. It is a science fiction space fantasy adventure, with music. The screenplay is about an adventurous band of Funk musicians who set out on a journey to save the universe from evil formidable beings who are hell bent on total destruction of any and all inhabited planets. Its the classic tale of the Power of Funk music verses Evil.

Glenn Towery is seeking investor financing to produce his exciting and innovative script into a monster motion picture with the potential to smash box office records.

Scripts are available to qualified investors who are interested. Contact Glenn Towery at “Fairy GodBrother Productions”.
323-849-8511 (M)