Follow these links to view the following VSPC produced videos and interviews on the topic of VA Privatization:

Lt. General Carey :30 sec

LT. General Carey USMC 14:05

Judy Rhodes :30 sec

Judy Rhodes & Charlyn Johns Interview  7:51 sec

Ken Watterson :30 sec

Ken Watterson Interview 2:19

Major General James Williams :30

Major General James Williams 13:06

Colonel Dwiggins :30 sec

Colonel William Oliver Dwiggins 9:55

Jim Blythe :22 sec

Fred Rogers, Run Time: 7:59

Thomas “Doc” Howard :30 sec

Thomas “DOC” Howard Run Time: 6:31

Juanita Towery Interviews Charlyn Johns 9:02

Corporal Michael Bradley :30 Sec

Corporal Michael Bradley Interview 5:05

Ken Scott :30 sec

Ken Scott 5:18

Clarence Jackson Int. :30 sec

Clarence Jackson 5:557

Charlyn John Statement :30 sec

Ray Bush 1:55


Stop Privatization of the VA Health System! (No VO)

Preserve The VA For Veterans

Stop The Strawman Report

Companies Halt

Commission On Care Mistake

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